Featured Authors

Curious who’ll you’ll be getting to chill & chat with during your weekend at the beach? I’m so excited about the fantastic mix of national bestselling authors and personal favorites, along with debut & local authors (also, some personal favorites!)

You can click on each authors’ graphic to go to their website.

There will be additional authors (in multiple genres) participating in the Charity Signing on Sunday afternoon. That page will be updated as we add more authors!!


**These are the authors who have agreed to appear as of the last update of this site. Appearances may be cancelled up to, and including, the weekend of the event. I will make every effort to keep this page updated with current author participation information. No refunds will be issued based on an author cancellation.**
Cancellations as of 2/3/13:

Alyssa Day, Cyndi Tefft, Katie Reus, Kat Richardson, Amber Hart, Stephanie Julian, Sable Grace, Ciara Knight, Nancy Holzner, Debbie Viguie, Jeannie Holmes, Melissa Schroeder

** We’re no longer accepting requests for Featured Author status. Thank you all, so much, for your interest. If you’d like to be included on a waiting list in case of cancellation, please email OldeCityNewBlood at gmail dot com. Authors can also request information about being included in the charity signing at that email address.**