One night in the recent past I was talking to an author buddy online (whining, really) about how upset I was that some of my favorite authors tour for their new releases but don’t come into Florida. Many of them get as far south as Atlanta, then hang a quick westward turn, and I miss them. There are a few who make it across the border, but the majority don’t. (Yes, I know, it’s almost never up to the author… tours are stragetically planned with publicity and marketing in mind. I wasn’t blaming, just whining, lol.)

After our talk (re: my whining), he politely told me that I should just plan an event, myself. After chuckling… then pondering… then chuckling some more… then pondering some more… I said, “why not??”

I had no reason to think I could make this work when I started, other than simply having the desire to do it. I’ve fumbled my way through this far with help from some awesome people, common sense, and a whole lotta luck! 🙂

So, if you’re and author who’s agreed to participate at the event… THANK YOU for helping this become a reality. You are, quite literally, the whole reason for this event to be happening. If you’re a reader who’s planning to attend my little shindig by the beach, THANK YOU, and I really think we’re going to have a lot of fun!!