Time is RUNNING OUT to register!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen!!!!

I would love to take reservations right up until the weekend of the event. But the truth is, I have to get stuff ready, there are orders to be placed and THINGS TO DO!! 🙂

I need to have an accurate count of who’ll be joining us for the weekend, and that means I have to stop accepting registrations. This will happen in TWO DAYS!!! January 12th will be the last day to register. So if you want to come hang out with readers who love UF/PNR fiction, and the authors who slave away to bring it to us… GET THEE TO THE REGISTRATION PAGE!! 🙂

We’re not planning a big fancy shindig here… it’s very casual, without a lot of fancy extras… but you’ll get LOTS of time to chat with some really awesome authors, and hang out with other readers. The fee is crazy cheap, and we’re talking the beach – in Florida – in February!

Now, if you’d like to be a part of this event, but can’t come for the whole weekend. There IS a public (free) signing from 12-2 on Sunday. Come by, buy some books, chat with authors, meet up with friends. I really want everyone to be able to take advantage of having so many awesome authors around to chat with.

Tell your friends, pass along the links, make plans, and come play with us! I can’t wait to see you all there!!!


By oldecitynewblood

2 comments on “Time is RUNNING OUT to register!!!

  1. Hey Jennifer. One of my roommates can’t go and I already bought her ticket. EventBrite does things in each person’s name, but I was wondering if another friend could use the registration & ghost tour tickets? I had e,ailed you about this awhile back but forget to follow up when I didn’t get a reply… Thanks!!

  2. I actually think I got it covered… I Googled some EventBrite stuff & was able to edit the names on the tickets after creating/updating my account with them.
    Can’t wait to meet you & everyone!! 🙂

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