READING CHALLENGE Hosted by Readers Confession

Hi there!!

This is going to be a pretty quick update. Just a few things to share…

1) All three of our WIN YOUR WAY IN contest winners have responded, so it’s a done deal. I would love it if some of you who entered, but didn’t win, were still able to join us. Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces in February!!

2) Unfortunately, we’ve had another cancellation, Amber Hart won’t be joining us. I’ll have the next in line from the author waiting list confirmed soon, and up on the site.

3)The schedule is *thisclose* to being finished. The actual arranging part is done. I’ve assigned MODs. Now I just need to do one more once-over and get it formatted and posted on the schedule page. Look for that to happen this weekend. Authors, I’ll be sending you a finished copy the same time I post it here.

4)One of our lovely, and very motivated, Featured Bloggers (Jenese from Readers Confession) is hosting an Olde City, New Blood Author Reading Challenge!!! How many of the Featured Authors have YOU read?? How many can you read between now and the mini-con?? Sign up for the reading challenge at this link And HAPPY READING!!
I think that’s it… I hope you all have a fantastic week!! (Oh, and only 109 tickets left for the mini-con… just sayin.)

By oldecitynewblood

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