WIN YOUR WAY IN Free Registration Contest Winners!!!!

Hi everyone 🙂

I’ve had so much fun this past week, checking out all the guest blogs and popping in on authors sites to see all the entries adding up. I wish I could give you ALL free admission, but then… who would pay for all the stuff??? We’d all just be hanging out, literally ON the beach, with sleeping bags and piles of books, lol. (Huh… that’s not such a bad idea… makes a note for next year.)

For THIS year, however… people have to pay (a very reasonable, if I do say so myself) admission. EXCEPT THESE THREE PEOPLE, who successfully Rafflecoptered their way through blog posts and websites to WIN THEIR WAY IN!!!

Stephanie (with “twcny” in your email address)

Carin (with “maw” in your email address)

Lillie (with “onlife” in your email address)

Congratulations ladies!!  You have been emailed and will have one week to respond, or another winner will be chosen in your place.

Thank you, thank you, thank you… to everyone who visited blogs, and commented, and shared the information with their friends online and off. I really hope you had a good time checking out all the fun posts. If you did NOT win… don’t fret too much. The fee for the weekend is only $40… you get panels, readings, and meet & greets with 50 authors!!! Lots of time to chat with your favorites, and lots of opportunity to increase your TBR pile with new-to-you authors. We’re not doing fancy. We’re doing simple, relaxing, and fun. I hope to see you there!!! (We do have a limited amount of space in the small hotel, and a limited number of tickets available. If you’re still interested… don’t wait too long to register.)

By oldecitynewblood

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