Ummm… Yeah… About That…

Hi All!!!

Quite a bit has been happening in the last couple of days. Most of it has been really good, and one not so good.

Right *AFTER* I posted my “Final Lineup” of Featured Authors, a few people (people who know infinitely more about event planning than I do) made a few suggestions. Many of their ideas will affect behind the scenes, to help things run smoother. One very NOT behind the scenes suggestion was to go ahead and round up the author list to 50 instead of stopping at an oddball number like 44. There are a couple of reasons for this, which I won’t bore you with here… but what it boiled down to was me pulling some people from the waiting list to take us to 50 FEATURED AUTHORS!!! (insert flaily arms and crazy happy dance here)

The last authors added were:

  • Jennifer L Armentrout
  • Cyndi Tefft
  • C J Ellisson
  • Ciara Knight
  • Janet Breakfield
  • Caridad Pineiro

For those of you paying VERY close attention, and those who are quick counters… you’ll notice that there are not 50 authors listed on the Featured Author page. This is because we’ve had our first cancellation. Alyssa Day will be home with her family while her husband leaves, yet again, for duty in the US Navy. All of us involved with Olde City, New Blood thank them for their service and sacrifice.

This means I’ll be pulling one more author from the waiting list. As soon as I have confirmation, I’ll update the page again. Just a reminder, any new requests from authors for featured status will result in addition to the waiting list. That list is what I’ll draw from for any cancellations. There is also the opportunity for authors to participate in the public signing on Sunday, only. Please email me for details.

Speaking of Sunday, I’m almost finished with the schedule for the two days of panels, readings, and meet & greets. PLEASE NOTE: The public signing has been moved to an earlier time on Sunday (12 – 2 pm). This was changed to accommodate authors who need to leave in the afternoon on Sunday.

One last thing… and it’s a BIG thing.

The Featured Bloggers, and a few of our Featured Authors, will be hosting a blog-hop-styled contest from September 30th – October 6th!!! The bloggers will be spotlighting some of our featured authors, and some of the authors will have special posts on their sites/blogs. What can you win, you ask?? FREE REGISTRATION TO THE MINI-CON!!! That’s right… 3 lucky people will win registration to the event!! (Winners will be responsible for their own travel and hotel costs, only the registration fees will be covered by Olde City, New Blood.) Keep your eye out for the official start announcement on September 30th, here on this blog, for all the details.

Ok… I think that’s it for now. Look for the final schedule and contest details coming soon, along with the last Featured Author name.

Hope to see you all by the beach in February!! We’re gonna have SO much fun. 🙂

By oldecitynewblood

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