Final* Featured Author Listing

Hello there, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s been a little while since we’ve updated things around here. I’ve been off gallivanting at a few conventions (AAD & Dragon*Con) and took that time to finalize* our Featured Author listing. Rounding out our squee-worthy lineup will be Pamela Palmer, Hildie McQueen, Stephanie Julian, and Elisabeth Naughton. That gives us 44 AMAZING authors!!!! (I’ll have the last 4 author profiles added to the Featured Author page in the next couple of days.)

And that little *… that’s just a reminder that all of this is considered “tentative” until the weekend is actually here and they’re chillin’ by the beach with us. Life happens, crazy happens, and although I’m crossing my fingers for us, cancellations happen. I have my waiting list of authors who’ve expressed interest in coming, so if someone DOES have to bow out, we have more cool peeps to take their place.

So, my lovelies… we’re in for one heck of a weekend in February!!! Please keep in mind, we’ll be having panels and planned discussions, but the whole idea of this weekend is to be casual and relaxing. All the scheduling will incorporate time to just hang out and talk to people. The vendor room will be small, so you’ll have a chance to get a trinket or two, but the main focus of this shindig is to spend time with other fans of the books we all love (that INCLUDES the authors who write them).

Speaking of scheduling… now that the author list is complete, I’ll be working on a panel/reading schedule. I’m hoping to make it a mix of serious genre discussion, industry related info, and crazy random funstuffs. I’m expecting this to take me a couple of weeks (oh, to be independently wealthy and not have to work the day job…) but hope to have it finalized by the authors and posted here by the end of September. (If anyone has a topic they’d like to see included, feel free to let me know. I have a list of panels, but I’m definitely willing to work in something new if there’s significant interest.)

Oh… and I’ve heard the chattering teeth and “hold my hand” talk out there in cyberspace concerning the ghost tours. I can assure you that, although the tours are fun, informative, and DO indeed point out occurences and sightings of local spirits, they are meant to be more historic and give everyone a taste of the atmosphere of the city… not to scare you. St. Augustine’s past is a tumultuous one, and it has many more than the average city’s number of ghostly haunts and restless spirits. If you’re interested in having your heebies jeebied, there ARE tours available that delve more into “ghost finding” and such, but you’ll have to arrange one of those on your own.

I think that’s all the updating for now.

I’ll be working with the Featured Bloggers for some fun promo in the next few weeks, and we’ll be having a BIG contest with a really awesome prize coming in October. Keep your eyes open and spread the word. I’d hate for anyone to miss out!!

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